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Visual Communictions

Communications can take many forms; visual, verbal, multi or mixed media, models, computer renderings, written documents, printed materials, and electronic media. The key factors I consider in the creation of effective communications are engagement and clarity. The communications pieces I produce stand out from the background noise in a manner that is attractive to the intended audience while not obscuring the message.

Graphic Design and Print Solutions

Examples of my graphic design my be reviewed in my graphic design portfolio.

Even in todays world of electronic and computer communications, printed materials continue to play a significant role. I provide creative and clear print solutions for brochures, publications, catalogs, announcements, and posters. Visualizations may provide the wow factor, but after that first impression, most new ideas or concepts require verbal or written communications.

Corporate Identity/Image

Corporate Identity design is much more than your logo, typography, and stationary. In fact, it extends beyond your vehicles, signs, and exhibits; the things that executives most frequently associate with corporate identity. It is everything the general public sees: how you answer your phone, how you treat your customers, your presence in the community and the intangible image that is communicated by your products, your packaging, your facilities and your environments. I have helped clients in all of these areas, but more importantly, can help you recognize the big picture and fit them all together to create a consistent image. Consistancy is the key to maximizing your investment in you corporate identity/image. For an expanded look at these concepts, here is an article on corporate identity.

Environmental Design

Environmental design includes all visible components of the built environment, both functional and decorative, and can set the mood as much as commutication the function. Interior and exterior signage, interior and exterior spaces, exhibits, retail and industrial spaces, and vehicles can all benefit from an environmental design approach.

Packaging Design

Packaging Design is the artful marriage of graphic design and communications to engineering principles that produce cost effective protection for products. The resulting packaging should communicate on both an emotional level and an intellectual level, conveying desired attributes to the product and communicating important information to the consumer.

Product Design

From the most exotic to the most utilitarian, products also communicate emotional and practical information to the consumer. Function can be made clear through form, color, and graphics. Consumer interaction with a product is just as important, and possibly more important than engineering and manufacturability. The best, and most successful, products have found the proper balance between aesthetics, human interface, and engineering.

3d Modeling

3d modeling is useful for visualizing products, environments, and even concepts. The field of 3d Printing and rapid prototyping are growing rapidly and will let you turn your concepts into mockups, low volume production products, or masters for the production of molds for mass production.

Design Futurist

It has been said that the only thing certain about predicting the future is that the prediction will be wrong. That statement does not, however, negate the value of preparing for the future. While single, isolated predictions seldom materialize as expected, examining likely alternatives can be very productive. I have utilized the scenario building process as an effective tool for examining alternative futures and their potential impact on businesses and product development.

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